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Nouns – Error Spotting Quiz 4 | For Banking Exam 2017

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Nouns – Error Spotting Quiz 4 | For Banking Exam 2017


NounsError Spotting Quiz - 4

Direction:  In the questions given below, some of the sentence have grammatical or idiomatic errors and some don’t.  Find out which part of the sentence has an error. If there is no mistake,  the answer is ‘No error’.

1.Globe warming is / an extremely / dangerous phenomenon. / No error
A) Globe warming is
B) An extremely
C) Dangerous phenomenon
D) No error

(A)Replace 'Globe' with 'Global'

2. He informed that / he had lost a packet / of the hundred rupees notes. / No error
A) He informed that
B) He had lost a packet
C) Of the hundred rupees notes
D) No error

(C)Replace 'rupees' by 'rupee

3. He has ordered / bricks for the proposed / shopping complex. / No error
A) He has ordered
B) Bricks for the proposed
C) Shopping complex
D) No error

(B) Use 'pieces of brick' in place of 'bricks

4. A dictionary is / arranged in / alphabetic order. /No error
A) A dictionary is
B) Arranged in
C) Alphabetic order
D) No error

(C) Replace 'alphabetic' with 'alphabetical'

5. She has ordered / two dozens of copies / of English book by Mr. Gupta. / No error
A) She has ordered
B) Two dozens of copies
C) Of English book by Mr. Gupta
D) No error

(B) Use 'two dozen copies' instead of 'two dozens of copies'

6. She uses a good / quality of shampoo / so her hairs are black. / No error

A) She uses a good
B) Quality of shampoo
C) So her hairs are black
D) No error

(C) Replace 'hairs' with 'hair'

7. How many / music instruments / can you play? / No error

A) How many
B) Music instruments
C) Can you play
D) No error

(B) Replace 'music' with 'musical

8. I know nothing / about her / whereabout. No error
A) I know nothing
B) About her
C) Whereabout
D) No error

(C) Replace 'whereabout' with whereabouts'

9. I am forced / to keep a / male maid-servant. / No error
A) I am forced
B) To keep a
C) Male maid-servant
D) No error

(C) Replace male maid-servant with man-servant

10. The landlord / of this house / is a phenomenal woman. / No error
A) The landlord
B) Of this house
C) Is a phenomenal woman
D) No error

(A) Replace 'landlord' with 'landlady

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